Wednesday, March 14, 2012

With Friends Like These...

When I arrived at my favorite restaurant, a nice little family owned Vietnamese place where I haven't been in at least three months, the hostess Amy recognized me on sight. Before she could even tell me that they were out of my favorite order, she was asking about Lily and Lorelei. Amy is one of many people in my life who has fallen hopelessly in love with my daughters on our journey. She's never met Lily and I really hope that one day, she will have that opportunity.

We have many people in our lives who feel this way about our girls. It makes so much difference to our situation, coping with something so much bigger than ourselves. Our successes are shared among hundreds, and the sorrows we shared are felt in many hearts. While we may feel alone in the sense that Lily is unique, there are more people than I can keep track of who love Lily, pray for her, do good in her name... They follow her story. They learn new things, see life in a different way. Take the joy from each miracle and let it multiply. We might feel alone, but we aren't.

With friends like these, we never will be.

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