Sunday, March 11, 2012

Studying, Studying

After being thrown off by Daylight Savings Time, Lorelei, Joey and I recovered the day by doing a massive cleaning of two rooms. We've been thinking of having a yard sale for awhile to help streamline the things we're addicted to having around before our eventual move. Today we dealt with the front room and the playroom, the two rooms that most intensely deal with toys. We've been letting Lorelei choose which of her things she keeps or sells, and being that I don't think I've ever let any of her toys leave the house from babyhood, she has a fair few toys that are no longer needed here. Since they are her toys, we're letting her keep the profit from selling them. She's pretty excited about that.

While we did this massive cleaning, Lily hung out with the family in her wheelchair. I love this chair for her because she gets the side support that she really needs. She's doing more consistently grabbing and reaching for her toys when they stay within her reach. It's been really nice to see Lily studying things as though she's trying to answer the deepest questions of the universe... via a doll with a shiny skirt or a little animal from a nativity set. She gets this look in her eye that makes me remember what life is all about... love. Love of learning, love of others... just love. Sigh. I really do learn so much being her mother.

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