Friday, March 9, 2012

To the Best Big Sister Ever... Happy Birthday!

Today is Lorelei's birthday. She turned four at 1518 this afternoon. At the exact moment when she completed the last seconds of being three, we were taking family photos and in a whole family pose. She remembers that.

She remembers a lot of things, so much that it really makes a mama think. Lorelei is a sponge, just soaking up information and not even taking the time to ask permission because she craves learning so badly. And so we teach her.

Lorelei has more love to give than anyone I've ever met. And when she's tired enough to slow down, her whole 41.5" body just melts into my arms, cuddling in the perfect ways to see her for the sweet little girl that she is. She loves Hello Kitty and Rapunzel with her magic long hair. She believes in magic.

She believes in her sister. I can't remember the last time a day went by when Lorelei didn't tell Lily that she believes in her. Lorelei cuddles her sister, teaches Lily the value of sharing, and gives more kisses than anyone could count. And still, Lorelei has time to explore the world, asking enough questions to satisfy the curiosity of a brilliant little girl who has just turned four.

I love this little girl so dearly. Happy birthday, my beautiful Princess Pollywog. Thank you for four years of being your mother.

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  1. Awe this is just lovely. Wonderful to hear about the bond and love between two sweet sisters <3