Thursday, March 15, 2012


Lily has been having a reaction to her Synagis vaccine. In my mind, it's still worth giving it, but we've definitely been letting her have an easy day since she hit 102.7 last night. The good news is that the fever didn't last through the first dose of Motrin and she's been stable all day. That... and Mommy got to spend a lot more time with Lorelei today. A very pleasant surprise indeed.

Around 10:30 this morning, our M tank, a very large oxygen container, starts suddenly spewing oxygen out like there is no tomorrow. We tightened the tank closed and ordered a refill. A very interesting surprise.

Lorelei has so much personality. Lately, she really enjoys the way I pick her up and set her on my shoulders before flipping her off for a (very controlled) "dis-a-mount". It's the moments like that that have life worth living. Each of them is its own surprise, it's own joy... and I am so glad to have them.

I also just joined the local gym... so here's hoping that we have some surprises in that arena too.

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  1. So fun that you got to spend time with the girls. Hope the little one feels better soon!