Friday, March 2, 2012

Sharing Rooms

When I was pregnant with Lily, Lorelei was really excited about sharing a room with the new baby. In fact, until we actually brought Lily home from the hospital, her crib was set up in Lorelei's room and we spoke with the proud big sister daily about her baby sleeping in that crib.

Lily has never spent the night in that room. Her central sleep apnea (CSA, a problem where her brain forgets that she needs to breathe) has always required her to be near us at nighttime. The crib sat vacant in the girls' room, being used only for naps. Until Lily went into the hospital in April of 2011 and came out in August with a trach and a vent and required nursing. One of the things that had to change... she needed her own room.

We're lucky in that the house we felt inspired to buy is actually a four bedroom house. One room is completely eaten by Mommy's crafting, but it wasn't difficult to find a room just for Lily. Lorelei, however was devastated. So fast forward seven months... and we don't have nursing. We're currently in negotiations with her medical team about the best situation for the nursing requirement... but even if we have nursing, odds are slim to none that it will be overnight nursing. If it is, Lorelei can spend her nights in our room. Meaning that...

The girls can share a room again! After asking Lorelei if she still wanted to share a room with her sister, and getting a resounding "YES!!!", we moved her in today. Lily will take her naps in their shared room. Lorelei's former room will become a play room, another thing she's pretty excited about. Tonight though... it was just enough to see her on cloud nine to get to go to bed in the room she shares with her sister.

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