Saturday, March 10, 2012


The mail is an interesting thing, especially in this day of digital communication. Just this week, the mail brought Lorelei eleven little birthday cards in eleven envelopes. It brought bills, notices for people who no longer live at the address where we have resided for nearly four years... and it brought information for Lily's care. All in envelopes, most of them white. Sometimes, the envelopes are bills that have been paid correctly by the insurance; other times there are errors. Some times they are doctors' reports on Lily, with good news, bad news, no news... but every time I open an envelope now, there is a moment of holding my breath to see what has arrived.

Today, it was a quarterly report from Lily's developmental therapist who, sadly, has just recently taken another job. The report is overwhelmingly good, telling me that the advances I've noticed in Lily are not just the over-zealous joy of a mother wishing for the day when her child can do things. Lily has really been progressing. She's made progress in every area listed on this report. In fact, if we adjust for all the time she's been sick (nearly a year if you count out of the hospital too), she's nearly on track for everything except expressive language. For a deaf child who is physically unable to speak because of her trach, this is expected... so the envelope brings great news. So today, we celebrate... and try not to think at all about what the next envelope will bring.

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