Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Day Of Green

St. Partick's Day has always been fun for our family. Every year since we were married, Joey and I "enjoy" some traditionally Irish food. I say "enjoy" because while it's fun, I actually hate the traditional corned beef and the traditional cabbage. Joey isn't too keen on the cabbage either. We also have red potatoes and this year, after the kind young lady at Costco told us it was originated in Ireland, a very nice Red Velvet Cake. Please don't tell me if you know that isn't Irish because it was really good and we'll be calling it Irish next year. And some Irish cheese, which was especially delicious with the potatoes. Lorelei enjoyed all of it with some careful advertising.

We also had a visit from the leprechauns this morning. They turned our milk green and somehow got into Lily's formula cans and made that green too. They then played a really mean trick. We looked outside as we were about to get into the car for Lorelei's birthday play date....and it was sunny. Gorgeous. And raining. In Ridgecrest where it never rains.

I'm sure those leprechauns got quite the kick out of our scrambling around to decide if we could still have a park play date, or should we move it and where. We decided to start with the park since we didn't have everyone's phone number, and moved to McDonald's when the weather was colder than Lorelei could bear. Our many thanks to all our friends crazy enough to come enjoy a rare Ridgecrest treat and to the friends who joined the party after moving indoors.

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