Monday, March 12, 2012

Something to Discover

This morning, I made phone call after phone call. Thirteen unique tasks, all accomplished, with several more for tomorrow morning and a few things forgotten. But out of the first half of the day, a single phrase sticks out more than anything.

"Mommy, Lily wants something to discover."

In a single sentence, Lorelei isolated the magic of my day... watching my daughters discover. And she was right. Lily, who was quite content to be getting ready for the day, lit up when her sister placed a small toy in her hand which Lily then started to explore.

She explored her blanket, her mirror, and her arm strength during tummy time. She explored a little handheld toy until she fell asleep. She explored her princess doll, her hands... and finally, a sucker. Lily explored a sucker willingly, which is a milestone bigger than a first step in this household. Oral aversion is a nasty battle, and Lily decided a sucker was a good first step tonight. I could squeal.

During each exploration, Lily discovered something important. So important that I don't even know how to define it. But to see her eyes glowing with life and her thoughts going a mile a minute, I can definitely tell that her sister knows her heart when Lorelei says Lily wants to discover something. Watching them together, I discover something too.


  1. I cannot tell you much in means to see that you, my daughter, continue to grow, discover and learn as well. You make me very, very proud.

    1. Thank you Mama. Suffice it to say, the importance of discovering and learning a whole life through can be added to the list of things you taught me that you may or may not know you taught me.