Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Lily's Birthday - Wish List

Lily also has a wish list of custom gifts. While she would love to have each item on this list, she realizes she shouldn't expect gifts and this list is just for ideas for those who might have wanted to get her something but didn't know what... especially since several of you have asked! We'll try to get pictures to go with every entry, but there are quite a few to start.

1. Video stories in ASL (if you do this, please tell Mommy which book it is so we can make sure we have it or get it for Lily!)

2. Custom trach ties

These can be ordered from in a size small, or they can be made. Please contact her mommy for details if interested.

3. Custom g-tube dressings

These can be ordered from or made. These are 2"-3" in diameter and the hole in the middle is minimal. Snaps are optional but very useful.

4. Large, long, and possibly frilly bibs
Lily wear bibs often to protect her skin from her drooling, but still loves to be fashionable and loves playing with textures. Her neck is 13" in circumference, which is larger than will fit most bibs that can be bought easily at the store so once again, the princess requires custom style. The following are some examples:

5. Wheelchair seat strap covers
Same as car seat strap covers, but for the wheelchair. The straps sometimes dig into Lily's skin. Should be pretty thin but are really easy to make in really fun prints. Like these, from Twigs and Tweets on Etsy.

6. Texture necklaces like this one.

Or like this one from Baby Birdie Boutique on Etsy.  Lily loves to play with textures and colors and bigger, chunkier necklaces are great because she can pick them up again if she drops them.

7. Boppy pillow covers.

 Lily still uses her Boppy pillow almost daily for positioning. She loves it! The one pictured is from, but these can be bought almost anywhere that sells baby things and can be made pretty easily by the sewing-inclined.

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