Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Lily's Birthday - Party

Presents Lily would like you to please, please, please get her for her birthday:

1. A big virtual birthday party, full of people from all over the world celebrating Lily and all of her miracles over the past two years. Lily specifically requests that guests wear orange and encourages them to have mini-parties wherever they are. She also thinks that her birthday is a great reason to have cupcakes as a midnight snack (she was born just after midnight) or for breakfast and then go do something fun all day.

2. Pictures of her friends and loved ones in their orange, including any new friends. Group pictures are lovely, but Lily would specifically like shots of each person individually, submitted with their names as they'd like Lily to know them. Getting both is like getting a well decorated present and playing with the wrapping paper and ribbon... and still having a gift for later. These can be submitted to princesslilysmiracle via her gmail.com email account. (Please, no robots unless they are also wearing orange.)

3. Pictures of anything else. Really, anything. Everyday object and famous locations. Raspberries, couches, books, toys, toothbrushes, footballs... you name it. Lily loves to use her eyes to learn about the world and these pictures are incredibly helpful to her. If you really want to get creative, take pictures of the item in use, in context, out of context, up close, far away, etc. For example, a football could be photographed on a field, with a helmet and uniform jersey, with a baseball and a soccer ball, with a football player, as a closeup of the laces or skin, as a traditional football or a foam football, or with Aunt Dallas at Mommy's wedding. (Okay, we already have a picture of that last one.) You can send one picture or a hundred or none. Lily's only request is that your picture violates no copyrights.

4. The gift of sharing her language. Whether you learn to sign fluently or just learn how to sign "Happy Birthday!" or "I love you!", Lily asks that all of her guests who are able to do so learn to share her language. http://aslpro.com is a good resource for a quick sign, and Signing Time (signingtime.com) has a great series of videos for teaching sign to small children.

5. Prayers and good karma. Lily feels she can never have enough of either and loves both prayers and good acts done in her name. Below is a link to a list of ideas she encourages everyone to try.

The Good Karma List

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