Friday, April 27, 2012

The Sweetest Moment

I really wish I knew how to make a picture post on this site, because tonight, I got to witness one of the sweetest moments a mother could hope to see. And I caught it on camera, catching a moment that is worth far more than a thousand words to be remembered forever.

I caught Lily telling her big sister "I love you" in sign. While Lorelei signed it back. That moment, one that will remain imprinted in my heart through the eternities, captured to be shared by all who love them. The raw emotion of such a moment even being possible catches up to me every time I think of it. What sweeter moment could a mother hope to experience but to see her children expressing love for each other?

For a long time, we didn't know if Lily would be able to express anything. We hoped and prayed and stayed positive, but we did wonder if Lily would ever be able to sign. If she'd understand. If she'd physically be able to open her hands to sign. If she'd survive the incredible battles she's fought to get to her second birthday. Then at nine months old, Lily started signing "Mommy" after Lorelei took her hand and taught her how (that was another really cool moment). And then, just before her second Christmas, Lily's first at home, she picked up a second sign. And then, right after my father passed away, having never met Lily... Lily started signing family. (She signs half of the sign while one of us signs the other half. It seems to add something extra magical that way.) So Lily can, and chooses to, sign three magic signs.

And Mommy's heart says that if all Lily ever knows of life is love and family... what a joyous life she will have. And if she learns more, experiences more, and shares more... how great will that be for the world.

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